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America Stands For Freedomw by deevon America Stands For Freedomw by deevon
Just a little song I wrote...
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LeRevolutionnaire Featured By Owner May 4, 2013
powerful, thanks!
Russiahetalia183 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012
I would agree im glad some people can still see problems with this stupid country that blames others on its flaws
tomretterbush Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2012  Professional Writer
Really? Is that what you really believe America and American freedom stands for? I feel sorry for you!
Code0615 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011
Very nice man! Really interesting... and truly too. I appreciate every word of it living in a "3rd World" country.
slamd97 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2011
artistic yes... in poor taste? absolutely. never disrespect our flag. too many people greater than you have died to protect it.
bobeo23 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2011
And for those of us that are currently serving to protect that flag. Not to mention the freedom to say that kind of stuff.
hawaiianstile Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2011  Student Artisan Crafter
lovely and true
Niaerdh Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
freedom to take our freedom from us....
dadamax Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2009
WhitePages Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009

Would it be okay if I sent this to someone as a postcard?
I'm on [link], where you send postcards to random people in the world... Someone from america said she liked propaganda... I hope my stuff gets through their border xD
deevon Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2009
Go for it!
HMSR Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009
Don't like the words but nice design.
FrozenNephilim Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2009
Blew me away
Neoillumini Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2009
Those are not what the American people are for, but what some of its officials and CEOs are willing to use for their own benefit. The entire nation of American can not and must not be reduced to such puerile self-satisfaction as theirs.
Doctor-Sloth Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Seems like this pic kicked the shit out of the wasp's nest eh?
subrythem Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2009
great work!! all the idiots that get all butthurt, most of those people are mind controlled anyway. (=plus do they really think their opinions matter=) i personally love the piece. eyes wide open
JHILLS Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2009
I feel so sorry for you Canadians. Such a beautiful country and from what I hear, jolly nice people too. But it does seem that Good old Georgie Boy Bush has F**ked you up the behind when he signed the North American Union that is going to get rid of the borders between yourselves and the US and between the US and mexico. One big happy family hey. And to top it off a new currency too, the Amero. I'm not saying it wont work, i'm sure alot of mexicans can't wait to stroll on over to US soil for a holiday. I'm not knockin the US but it does seem to be where the crazies live that want to take over the world and have us all chipped so they can control absolutly everything and everyone. Good luck keeping your country. BTW anyone that knocks this piece can just remind me again why World Trade Center 7 fell again?
ConsciousLiberation Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2008
Great work.

Nations, borders, religion, class, race, gender. They all serve to fracture us, so that we may be exploited. Divide and conquer.

Smash the state. Crush capitalism. No gods. No masters. Solidarity.
hobbit-head Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2008
think you could do one with 'corporations' instead of 'corperations'? i'd love to use it but i just can't bring myself to do so...

as far as criticism goes, some of the words are a bit hard to read but the concept is great. thanks :)
notchcrazy Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2008
You can disagree with stances your country takes, and you can say you disagree with the president and his views.

When you start to make pictures of your country's flag upside down, and have this image in you head that America stands for everything that is wrong and evil, that shows you have NO patriotism whatsoever. And just saying you do doesn't mean you actually do, not when there is a picture of your countries flag upside down with lyrics to a anti-American song written over it and you say "Oh, that looks great! It's so true!." So ungrateful!!!

America is the greatest country in the history of this planet. People DIE trying to ENTER this country. Have you ever heard of someone risking their life to get into Cuba? Why not? Because socialism and communism does not work people! It's been proven to fail every time!! Liberals want to turn this country more socialist, and its so plain to see. They do not believe that the ideals that this country was built on is the correct way to run a country, when for the last 200+ years it has shown to create such a society, such a hard working people, that it is the envy of the world.

We are not socialist, we are capitalist. We believe that you reap what you sow. If you do good in school, work hard, get a job, all your dreams can come true. Whether your black, white, Asian, Spanish, anyone has the freedom to be prosperous. However, you also have the freedom not to be! Now if you think that your somehow entitled to ANYTHING but FREEDOM in this country you just don't get it!

In America you have to work for what you want. And that's what this country was founded on. Your are entitled to the freedom to prosper! That's what drives a person! Socialism breaks a person's will to prosper because what's the point!? If I can get a good income sitting on my ass all day claiming welfare instead of actually doing something why would I ever want to better myself? If the more I make the more I get taxed, WTF!

Even if the country I love elects a president I disagree on with every issue, I will not only put down those that talk bad about America, but I will always put my hand over my heart during the national anthem. I will always love my country, and never comment nicely on a picture of my flag, the flag I will live under for the rest of my life, being turned upside down. That's disrespectful, ignorant, ungrateful, and UNPATRIOTIC!
kairouan Featured By Owner May 11, 2009
When your country goes to war over fictitious reasons, blowing up innocent civilians and children for control over a nations oil, damn fucking right you can 'make pictures of your country's flag upside down, and have this image in you head that America stands for everything that is wrong and evil'.

And when your country re-elects the bastard that took you to that war based on a proven lie, you have to be the most depraved, selfish fuck alive to still call your country 'the greatest'.

Your twisted idea of patriotism is simply hollering from the rooftops 'America is the greatest!'.

deevon's idea of patriotism on the other hand makes him 'make pictures of your country's flag upside down' and holler from the rooftops 'we are wrong'.

America is the greatest nation in the world. Because of people like deevon. You are everything that's wrong with it.
asfinn Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2008
OH MY HOLY GOD!! Coonas quote:

"Punishment must be cruel and unusual to be effective"

Please educate yourself on the countries with the lowest crime rates in the world and observe their stance on crime.. REHABILITATION and not punishment.

A lesson America simply isn't ready for yet - By the way, how's your gun legislation coming along?

"Get out of the country" approach to critiquing free speech and art appears idiotic for all those who don't seem to share your blind patriotism. Everyone/every country has it faults. Trying to find them so as to fix them should not be seen as 'anarchic'.

But I already know nothing i say is going to convince you to any opinion other than the "America, Fuck yeah!" mentality which only Americans don't seem to find hilarious in a tragic way. So rather than trying, lets just ignorantly follow along.

Blazing-Blade Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008
awesome. so true. :nod:
robruby Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.
but graphicaly its nice, thou.
metal4breakfast Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2008
Nice work
ColdHardBitch14 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2007
so first of all i love this peice
secondaly to all of the people talking about how "if your so fucking mad at your country, why don't you move to north korea, or Iraq"
who the fuck do you think you are?
im a canadian too, i have realitives in america and i am anti-bush administration,as are they. But what right does anyone have to come on here and talk crap about someones artistic oppinion?
its THEIR oppinion, its THEIR right, don't both our countries belive in "freedom of speech?"
you do realize the irony in this right? by taking this person oppinion and bashing it, telling them they're not right, you've just become exactly like them. Exactly like Kim Jong-il, trying to brainwash, telling them whats right, telling them there is no other "right oppion" but your own.
thirdly, instead of sitting here and talking about how america isn't that bad off because they have money and many other things, and tell people stuff they allready know about third world countries
why dont you try shuting up, getting off your ass and doing something about it?
you're probibly just as well of as the person who made this peice,(considering you have acess to the internet and artistic supply's) and bashing just because you are so fabulousy in love with your own country ( which might i add, canada has a whole set of problems of its own) isn't right.

think about who you want to individual or just another product?

lastly read this....

In on Your Joke- Against All Authority

its your story
and i'm just the antithesis
to your american dream
and i sit here in this fucken nightmare

watching you,
biding time
and telling lies and im wondering why your even here at all

its your salvation
that leaves me in this eternal hell
to a complacent life of shit that leaves me choking on the smell of
ruined lives, and wasted minds
and good ideas that leave
people shot down in the street
children cold with nothing to eat
the homeless with their shoeless feet
and fat cats and their wealthy hags
pass people living out of bags

shit can someone give me hope

your goal in life is to live until you die
my goal in death is to escape this pathetic human sky cuz

where the air is poison
and the raindrops burn
and sex is death

well its hard for me to see whats left
when generals are struck down from the sky
and politicians are victims of their lies
when all the cops are locked in jail
and all the priests have gone to hell
when lawyers rot in growing heaps
and our world leaders are buried deep well

thats the day
thats the day ill find my hope
robruby Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
You claim to want people to mind their business but you post lyrics that's clearly against the government in general, relegion, people in general, and not expect someone to reply? I'm sorry but "our goal in life is to live until you die" is going to draw a reaction even from the most apathetic reader.
try rise against for a more substantive music.
RamonZuton Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2007
wow that text is just awesome... amazing!
good job! +fav
Swoboda Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2007
good work
ZombieReaper Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
well, i may have said too much by now, lol, but all-in-all, this is indeed an incredible artwork man! good to speak out now, before we're denied such a freedom later!
ZombieReaper Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
i absolutely love this man, and having said so much already, i'm just gonn afav this and get outta here so i stop wasting everyone's time! =)
CursedPerfection Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2007
That looks really good. I don't live in America so I won't talk politics with you.
MiNoRiTy5472 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2007  Student General Artist
Wow amazing song writing skills ^^ and I love the upside down flag!
Defiant-Rabbit Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2007
this is precisely how usa is viewed worldwide,

good work :peace:
watskebert Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2007
great work
and you are so right!
WeWantAnarchy Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007
Excellent piece, and so true.
grufaine-the-beatle Featured By Owner May 27, 2007  Student Writer
Lovin' it. :fav+:
Xcelsius Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2007
cool work... but it is sad that this words are true....
lahandi Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2006

Together we resurrect justice :chainsaw:

May the force be with you :jedi:
Naerrin Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Firstly, :+fav:
Secondly and more importantly, I'd like to say I completely agree with you. On one point, surely we as a "people" (I'm unfortuneatly American...) get "freedoms," as per the Bill of Rights. But then again, look at current situations. I believe it was the Patriot Act, ironically named, that allows for the Government to seize and hold peoples for no reason, or for reasons that may seem folly to the public and are therefore not said. They're doing this now with people they thought were terroists. They did it with the Japanese-Americans during WWII.

Wow... what a great country...
No wonder I'm leaving as soon as I can...
silverjackal Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2006
Did you ever think that perhaps the Patriot Act was enacted to prevent another September 11th? To... protect US citizens from being annhililated from future terrorists? When 9/11/2001 occurred, Americans looked to the Federal government for answers... the Patriot Act was their answer. And get this.... most Americans wanted the Patriot act. They wanted their government to stop terrorism even if it meant reducing civil liberties.

I was suprised about this, because at once I thought the same as you. Then I did some research and took some government classes... amazing what I found.
Naerrin Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I see you point, and I realize that I should've done a bit more research. As for taking classes, that opportunity is not yet open to me. At this current moment in time, I'm on a freshman in high school. To my knowledge, the freshmen there cannot take gov. classes.

Next time I will think a bit more.
silverjackal Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2006
Thanks for not getting upset at me and understanding my point. :) I wish you luck in HS, study hard!
Naerrin Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
And study hard I shall!
nzhamstar Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2006
you go dude... hamas!
TheShadeOfScottBrown Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2006  Student
hahaha this seemed to piss off alot of morons. good job man.
if you dont laakkk exploitation n global warming whyonchoo slant yer I's and moov to north korea

enmity- Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2006   Writer
You couldn't be more right.
Constancy Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2006
:D <3
Gaffer74 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2006
ExCeLlEnT work, great job :D
last-crow Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2005   Interface Designer
so true man, well done, i love it
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